chat party pc sur ps4

chat party pc sur ps4

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I have a PS4 but I prefer playing on my PC. Could I link my phone and use party while my brother plays other games, or anything else like that? The end result that I wanted to accomplish is PS4 players can hear and talk to PC players via PSN party chat, and vice versa via Discord. However, not everybody . I have a PC but all of my friends have a PS4 and talk to each other through the party chat on there. Is there a way I could talk with them even . Using the PS4 Party Chat option is fine and all, but if you're friends . up Discord on your PC and change the input device in voice settings to . Find out how to purchase PS Now using a PC, which games can be streamed . PS Now for PC does not currently support Party Chat functions. . de joueurs sur PS4 qui sont branchés sur "party - Topic chat vocale PC et ps4 du 29-04-2014 15:41:11 sur les forums de Topic Parler avec des personnes PC sur PS4 du 06-02-2018 14:03:50 sur les forums de . a pas être en groupe d'amis et hop tu peux parler en chat du jeu :) . Un groupe d'ami sur ps4 sa s'appelle une "Party".


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